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Pembrokeshire National Park authority members discuss pay increases

THERE will be no extra committee chairmen receiving a senior salary as National Park authority members agree to keep the remuneration system as it is – but there will be a pay increase for those already in place.

The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (IRP) has recommended a pay increase of £43 to £4,053 a year for all authority members and the cap of four chairman positions receiving a senior salary has been lifted.

The senior salary paid to the chairman of the authority is to increase by £145 to £12,845 a year and the deputy chairman’s will rise by £82 to £7,792. A senior salary is also paid to the chairman of the development management committee.

At a Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority meeting on Wednesday (March 24) Cllr Reg Owens suggested that the chairman of other committees should be paid a senior salary and the committees operate more “like a scrutiny committee and idea development.”

Current chairman of the operational review committee Cllr Kevin Doolin said the amount of work involved is “no comparison” to that of development management or audit and corporate resources so he did not feel a senior salary was necessary.

The committee agreed to continue with the senior salaries as already in place and noted the IRP report for 2021/22.

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