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Credit: Fishguard RNLI

Pembrokeshire RNLI lifeboats called to sinking boat with 23 people onboard

TWO RNLI lifeboats from St Davids and Fishguard’s all-weather lifeboat launched last night following a request from Milford Haven Coastguard. A passenger boat taking on water around three miles off St Davids’ Head had issued a Mayday.

St Davids’ Tamar and inshore RNLI lifeboats were launched at 7.18pm and arrived on scene within 10 minutes. Fishguard RNLI all-weather lifeboat was also launched.

The volunteer RNLI crew arrived to find two nearby vessels were already on scene and had evacuated all passengers. Crew members from the vessels were aboard the stricken vessel trying to bail out water, but the water was coming in extremely fast.

Dai John, RNLI Coxswain at St Davids said:

“We launched very quickly but were relieved to find all passengers had been safely evacuated. Two of the St Davids’ RNLI crew boarded the vessel with a salvage pump to bail out the water as fast as possible. The crew then secured a tow to the vessel and started an alongside tow for three miles journey from North Bishop Rock to St Justinian’s.”

“Fishguard RNLI crew were also on scene with a salvage pump in case it was required. St Davids’ inshore lifeboat also assisted to help pull the vessel on to the beach.”

A video, courtesy of Fishguard RNLI, showcases the rescue:

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