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UPDATES on the current activity of Pembrokeshire’s Public Services Board (PSB) had a green focus this month with projects underway to reduce the county’s carbon footprint.

At a partnership panel meeting on Wednesday, May 6 councillors heard that £25,000 had been received from Natural Resources Wales for work that met well-being objectives with a “tight timescale” for delivery.

Tegryn Jones, chief executive of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, said it was designed to commission a report on what work and activities were underway at ten public bodies to meet a 2030 carbon neutral target and how that will be “taken forward.”

It was a “step on the journey” towards the target and would also identify ways the public sector could work together.

There was a delay in receiving a carbon calculator from Welsh Government, which would provide “alignment” and “facilitate joint work”, the committee heard.

The report made a number of recommendations such as considering environmental management systems, calculate a carbon footprint, prepare an action plan to deliver changes with a focus on renewable energy, carbon offsetting, sustainable travel policy and procurement practices, ICT and estate planning.

A second project was linked to Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS) and a sustainable natural capital forum.

This allowed PAVS to employ a part-time officer earlier this year to progress the development of the project and work with partners on plans for ‘Green Fuse’ providing opportunities to get involved with nature based activity, ‘Green Infrastructure’, and ‘Green Pembrokeshire’ and habitat management schemes.

There is also the potential of developing a small grants scheme ‘Sowing the Seeds’ that will be investigated, a report to committee adds.

Sue Leonard, PAVS chief officer, said that the organisation was “committed” to this work and had also allocated some of its Welsh Government covid funding to ensure it continued.

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