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PERMISSION was granted for a pet crematorium in a former chapel in the centre of Llechryd by just two votes.

There was a split in Ceredigion County Council’s development control committee about whether a site inspection panel was required for the application of change of use at Llwynadda Chapel.

Eight were in favour and eight against, with committee chiarman’s Cllr Bryan Davies deciding vote resulting in no visit to the site.

There were concerns about smells and pollution from the incinerator close to people’s homes.

The Grade II listed chapel has been vacant for 15 years and is in a poor state of repair a report to the meeting on May 8 states.

The plan is to turn the former chapel to a pet crematorium and office with flue pipe for the incinerator, new ramp and doorway to the rear.

A gravestone business with showroom is currently run from part of the site.

A petition signed by 31 people had been submitted but without reasons for objecting to the plan as well as eight letters of support, including from a neighbour to the chapel.

There were no objections from the council’s environmental department with a response to committee stating: “the cremator is equipped to achieve good combustion in normal conditions and therefore we are not concerned regarding the potential for any discharge smoke or particulate matter to cause a detriment o the residential amenity of the locality.”

The plan was approved nine votes to seven.

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