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Plaid call for clarity on mums to be and partners visiting hospital

PLAID Cymru has called for greater clarity on changes to hospital visiting after the Welsh Government relaxed some rules on accompanying pregnant partners and new mothers.

Bethan Sayed MS, Plaid Cymru’s South Wales West representative, said she was pleased that the Welsh Government had listened to mothers like herself and made it easier in theory for partners to accompany mothers-to-be through the maternity process.

However she was uneasy about the Welsh Government expecting individual hospital managements to make decisions that could, in some areas, see hospital visiting become even more restricted.

Ms Jenkins said: “This has been a really difficult time for any expectant or new parents – giving birth can be traumatic enough at times but having to do so during Covid-19 restrictions and without a supportive partner at your side at all times, makes matters far worse.

“I’m glad the Welsh Government has taken our concerns on board after months of campaigning and performed something of a U-turn. But I’m also concerned that we could see a piecemeal situation develop if the rules are different in every hospital and potentially far stricter than they are now.

“Plaid Cymru had scheduled a debate on this very matter in the Senedd in the next few days so perhaps that helped speed up the Government’s response, which I hope will make life easier for expectant and new mothers and their partners.”

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