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Plaid call for extra cash for hospitality ahead of Covid three-week review

SPEAKING ahead of the Welsh Government Coronavirus three-week review, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price MS said,

“What people need right now is hope. Whilst we must continue to take care to prevent the virus taking hold again, the vaccine rollout gives us added confidence that we are moving in the right direction. I am grateful to the people of Wales for all they have done to get us to this point.

“The Labour Government’s next steps must reflect this changing picture and the people of Wales should expect nothing less than a clear plan for the weeks ahead alongside a clear indication of the direction of travel.

“Hospitality should know what’s happening to be able to plan ahead. This should be backed up by additional financial support – increasing the pot of cash that’s available to businesses. Meanwhile gyms should be able to safely re-open – not least to help with people’s wellbeing and mental health which has suffered so much during the last few months.

“Time and again, hard-working Welsh businesses that form the backbone of our economy have been let down and left behind by this Labour government. After a gruelling year, the very least Labour can do is to dig deep and support key sectors of the economy on the eve of the holiday season”.

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