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Plaid call for ‘financial kickstart’ to boost Welsh tourism industry after COVID-19 crisis

PLAID Cymru have called for a “financial kick-starter” to boost the Welsh tourism sector after the Coronavirus crisis is over.

Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for the Economy, Helen Mary Jones AM, said that the tourism sector would face “particular hardship” due to the Coronavirus crisis.

According to the Wales Tourism Alliance “tourism in Wales is collectively responsible for over £6.2Billion to Welsh GDP and over 172,000 jobs”.

Ms Jones said that due to the crisis businesses in the sector would lose out on income generated in spring and summer months – which is crucial to get them through winter and that a “financial kick-starter” would be needed from the Welsh Government to help the sector get back to normal.

The Shadow Minister said that support available should reflect the work done by seasonal workers.

Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for the Economy Helen Mary Jones AM said,

“The tourism sector in Wales is responsible for £6.2bn to the Welsh GDP and over 172,000 however it is a sector that will face particular hardship due to the Coronavirus crisis.

“The spring and summer months are of crucial importance to the sector as the business generated in those months can provide enough income to get them through the winter months. However, given the current circumstances, they will lose out on that income.

“Even if we see a return to normality by the summer they fear they wouldn’t have enough to survive the winter.

“Once the lockdown has ended, the tourism sector will urgently need a support package – a financial kick-starter if you will, from the Welsh Government, in order to get it back to normality. I know Welsh Government are aware that tourism will need medium term support, but businesses need to know now what that support will look like so they can plan.

“Furthermore, under the current proposal from the UK Government, the sector will be unable to furlough seasonal workers.

“The Job Retention Scheme must be made more flexible to account for sectors that require physical maintenance of property. If businesses, especially those in the tourism sector are to survive during this period, they need to be able to maintain their property, and retain a relationship with their staff.

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