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Plaid calls for urgent UK Steel Taskforce after TATA job loss news

RESPONDING to the news that Tata Steel has announced it expects to cut 1,000 jobs across the UK as part of the company’s restructuring plans, Bethan Sayed, Plaid Cymru AM for South Wales West, said:

“There doesn’t seem to be any more certain detail tonight, since the general announcement of job losses across Tata’s European operations last week.

 “The drip-drip of information will not add to the stability of the company nor will it inspire confidence or security from Tata’s loyal workforce. The next time Tata Steel make an announcement on potential job losses, I think everyone would prefer it come with more precise information.

 “As Plaid Cymru has stated in the past: Steel making is a central pillar to the Welsh economy and it’s importance cannot be over-estimated. Over the last several years, Tata has put its workforce through a lot of uncertainty and stress but they have remained loyal. Tata has also received significant support for the changes they wanted to make after the steel crisis in 2016, and Plaid Cymru would urge Tata to consider this carefully, along with the commitments they have given to the workforce and the Welsh Government, as they move forward with this process.

“I would urge the Conservative UK Government to now urgently convene the UK steel taskforce for further meetings and commit themselves to ensuring they work with Tata and the Welsh Government, to ensure a solution can be found for the long term. A solution with the protection of the workforce and a successful, modern steel industry at its heart”.

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