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Plaid Cymru call for improvements on Welsh Government marine plan draft

MID and West AM Helen Mary Jones has welcomed the suspension of a proposed oil and gas survey in Cardigan Bay, however she called for changes to the Welsh Government’s draft marine plan to discourage extraction in the future.

During First Minister’s Questions in the Senedd chamber, Plaid Cymru Mid and West AM Helen Mary Jones said,

“Plaid Cymru is very pleased indeed that the company has put its application at this point on hold. I think it’s important to emphasise that our understanding is that it’s on hold, not abandoned altogether. None of us want to see this type of testing in Cardigan Bay.

It is our understanding that Eni UK, the company, justified its application partly on the basis of the draft Welsh marine plan, which specifically says:

‘Proposals that maximise the long-term supply of oil and gas are encouraged’.

Now, obviously, this is a draft plan but I would ask the First Minister that he will commit, with his Ministers, to reviewing the draft marine plan to remove any clauses that companies in future might be able to use, even if they’re quoting those clauses potentially out of context – which they may have been in this case – and that any clauses that might be seen to encourage extraction should be removed, and a clear commitment to discourage extraction from any part of the Welsh marine environment be in place, firmly in place, within that plan when it’s finalised.”

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