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Plaid Cymru calls for face coverings in secondary schools

DR. Dai Lloyd, Member of the Senedd for South Wales West region, has said that the Welsh Government mustn’t “drag its feet” when it comes to adopting the latest scientific evidence, and should move quickly to give families time to prepare for the start of the new school year, which starts next week.

This would apply to children in all secondary school settings where a 1-metre distance is not possible, including school corridors, on school transport and in communal areas. The requirement for everyone over the age of 11 to wear face coverings on public transport is already in place, but to date, there has been no guidance issued on whether face masks should be worn on school transport.

Since children start secondary school from the age of 11, Dr Dai Lloyd MS has called for the rules to include all secondary school children.

He said,

“Plaid Cymru has been making the case for months that the Welsh Government must take a firmer line on face masks. The World Health Organization guidance is clear that children of secondary school age, and their teachers, should wear a mask when social distancing is not possible, and yet here we are a week away from schools reopening and still no clearer on what is expected of our children or their teachers.

“Parents need reassurance that the safety of their children is being put first and they need time to prepare their children for any new safety measures that are being taken, and yet the Welsh Government continues to drag its feet on this matter.

“With one week to go, the Welsh Government needs to move quickly to adopt the latest scientific evidence on keeping children safe in school. With many parents worried about sending their children back to school, not acting on the latest guidance just doesn’t make sense.”

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