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Plaid Cymru calls for more clarity for “vulnerable” groups following government’s latest Covid plan

RESPONDING to the announcement from Welsh Government following their latest review of Covid-19 regulations, Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson for health and care, Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said,

“Government is now setting out where testing and self-isolating will still be needed and supported over coming months, which is welcome, but we now need to know exactly who will be identified as being in the vulnerable groups, and of course we have to know that testing will remain free.

“One thing we certainly know is the need to build resilience into plans for the future of our health and care services. Getting the NHS back on track isn’t just about waiting for Covid to go, and in fact it’ll be with us for some time yet.

“While Covid has certainly exacerbated problems, deep-rooted issues existed long before the pandemic. Consequently, the gradual move from pandemic to endemic must be accompanied by a plan which includes long term solutions to overcome long standing problems.”

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