Siân Gwenllian MS, Shadow Minister for Culture, Education and the Welsh Language has written to the Chief Operations Officer of Reach Plc to urge him to reconsider the propose job cuts for Reach in Wales.

 Half of the staff working for Reach in Wales are at risk of redundancy.

The news follows announcements that Newsquest is losing 25 people in Wales, and BBC Cymru Wales is expected to see 60 jobs go.

The letter from Siân Gwenllian MS, Shadow Minister for Culture, Education and the Welsh Language says,

 “As a member of the National Union of Journalists, I recognise the importance of a distinctly Welsh press and media, both in reflecting the values of our nation and in holding law makers to account. The timing of this announcement is a devastating blow to the individuals concerned in what was already an anxious time, and it opens a chasm in what was already a democratic deficit.

 “Now more than ever, reporting on devolution and where decision making lies should be a priority for all media outlets. Any decision that impairs or threatens the ability to do so should be avoided at all cost. I would therefore ask that you reconsider proposals that would in any way diminish the capacity that Reach currently has in Wales. Indeed, the Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted an increased appetite from people to be informed about decisions made in Wales.

“Relying on shared content created in England which will have little or no relevance to a Welsh audience would be a highly regressive step. A truly national newspaper that reflects the rich diversity of life in Wales can only be sustained with a workforce of adequate size. This is essential to cover every issue and every part of our nation.

“Many of Reach’s employees are award winning journalists and renowned writers in their fields; to many, Wales’s voice in print. Plaid Cymru has always supported an independent Welsh media and urge you to reconsider this decision in order for us to be able to continue that support with renewed energy in the post-Covid context.

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