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The Welsh Liberal Democrats have claimed that the decision of Plaid Cymru-run Gwynedd Council to close Ysgol Abersoch is “short-sighted” and “damaging to the Welsh language”.

Commenting Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Mid & Wales MS Jane Dodds said: “I absolutely support those in the community who have vowed to keep up the fight against the closure of Ysgol Abersoch.

“I am disappointed to see Plaid Cymru going down this path at the same that the Conservatives are also taking the heart out of rural communities by shutting down village schools in Powys.

“I also agree with the comments by Cymdeithas yr Iaith that Gwynedd Council is undermining its own language policies. This is precisely the time we should be expanding Welsh language education, not reducing it.

“I and the Welsh Liberal Democrats are very clear, our rural villages must not simply become playgrounds for tourists in the summer and ghost towns during the winter.

“I would urge Gwynedd Cabinet to urgently pause the closure and reconsider the alternative options. Failing that I hope the Welsh Government will listen to the communities’ concerns and intervene.”

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