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Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price challenges Labour’s record in Wales ahead of election debate

PLAID Cymru Leader Adam Price has challenged the Labour party’s record in Wales ahead of the Channel 4 election debate later today.

Writing in the New Statesman Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said that Labour had been in government in Wales for twenty years but had failed to deliver ‘real change’. Citing worse A&E waiting times than England, rising homelessness and a decline in life expectancy, Mr Price said that Labour was “not part of the solution in Wales” but rather the “source of the problem”.

Noting that Labour had voted against banning zero hour contracts ‘seven times’  and had invited more privatisation in Welsh rail, Mr Price said that Labour’s record in Wales “bears little resemblance to their promises”.

The Plaid Cymru Leader said that change would only come for Wales “when we change the way we vote” and that the choice wasn’t binary but rather a choice to send Labour and Tory MPs to Westminster to “fight each other” or send Plaid Cymru MPs to “fight for Wales”.

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said,

“In Wales, Labour has had twenty years in government to deliver ‘real change’, but barely any change has been realised. They should have a record to champion, but instead they find themselves defending worse A&E times than England, rising homelessness and declining life expectancy.

“Labour are not part of the solution in Wales, they are a source of the problem.  From voting against a ban on zero-hour contracts (seven times), to inviting more privatisation into Welsh rail, Labour’s record in Wales bears little resemblance to their promises.

“When politics is changing so rapidly beneath our feet, the Labour party in Wales has stood still. And when you stand still in politics, you are going backwards. To vote Labour in Wales would not be a change, it would be more of that same managed decline.

“Change will only come for Wales when we change the way we vote.

“This election is not just about who has the keys to 10 Downing Street, but what we hope for as a small nation on this island.  As much as the Boris Johnson vs. Jeremy Corbyn debates make it look like you face a binary option, you won’t be casting a vote for them, you will be electing a Member of Parliament in a few days’ time to represent you and your community.

“Your choice will be to either send Labour and Tory MPs to Westminster to fight each other, or send Plaid Cymru MPs there to fight for Wales.

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