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Plaid Cymru leader tells Welsh Government ”We’re past point of consideration – you need to act”

PLAID Cymru leader Adam Price MS has called on the Welsh Government to use the powers they have to restrict travel from high infection areas in England into Wales.

Adam Price said he was “livid” at Boris Johnson’s approach to travel bans in areas of high coronavirus rates in England but said that it was time for Welsh Government to “act now”.

Earlier, Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford said he felt “deep disappointment” at the prime minister’s “inadequate” proposals for travel restrictions and the Welsh Government would “consider” their options.

Mr Price said the time for “consideration” was over now that there was “actual evidence” of transmission of the virus occurring as a result of people coming from high infection areas of England into Wales.

He added that the current measures weren’t “working” and urged the Welsh Government to “act now” – warning that the “greatest risk of all is delay”.

Adam Price MS said,

“I would be more than disappointed, I’m livid at the attitude of the Prime Minister. But the question is what should the Welsh Government do? And they need to act themselves.

“Previously Mark Drakeford has said there was not any evidence of this kind of infection from people travelling from over the border.

“Now, we heard it there from Health Minister Vaughan Gething for the first time that there is actual evidence that has been identified of transmission that has happened as a result of people coming from high infection areas of England into Wales.

“We’re beyond the point of “consideration” – the Welsh Government needs to act today.”

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