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Plaid Cymru MP demands recall of Parliament

CARMARTHEN East and Dinefwr MP and petitioner in the Scottish Case, Jonathan Edwards MP, has called for Parliament to be recalled immediately, after the Scottish Court of Session found that Boris Johnson’s shutting down of Parliament is illegal.

The panel of three judges in Scotland’s highest court concluded unanimously that Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament was motivated by the “improper purpose of stymying Parliament”. They went on to say the Prime Minister’s actions were “an egregious case of a clear failure to comply with generally accepted standards of behaviour of public authorities”.

Although the court ruling was the prorogation was “unlawful” it will not immediately affect the current suspension of Parliament.

The Supreme Court will now review the case – alongside other cases on the same issue – on Tuesday 17 September. If its ruling is consistent with the Scottish case, it is understood that Parliament will be recalled.

Earlier this week Plaid Cymru said opposition parties should be ready to impeach the Prime Minister if he breaks the law. Mr Johnson backed a move by Carmarthen East and Dinefwr AM Adam Price to impeach Tony Blair in 2004 on the grounds that the then-Prime Minister had lied to Parliament and the public.

Jonathan Edwards MP, said:

“Together with colleagues in Plaid Cymru, I am proud to have played my small part in bringing the case forward for consideration.

“Boris Johnson has now broken the law. He has held democracy in such contempt that judges have had to step in. Parliament should be recalled immediately.

“This is the sort of behaviour that we would normally associate with a tin pot dictatorship. The Prime Minister has lied to Parliament and he has lied to the public.

“My colleagues in Plaid Cymru raised the option of impeachment this week. Boris Johnson is not above the law and we now have an even stronger case for impeachment today – the very cause he advocated back in 2004.”

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