Plaid Cymru health spokesperson Rhun ap Iorwerth MS has today written to Health Minister Eluned Morgan MS to seek clarification whether all NHS workers on £9.50 an hour will receive the 3% pay rise announced last month.

In April 2021, the lowest paid NHS workers were given an uplift in salary to the Living Wage. On 21 July, the Health Minister confirmed a 3% pay-rise for NHS workers. While the quoted figure of £10.18 per hour was subsequently confirmed to be erroneous, the amended statement still reads “this means we [Welsh Government] have gone above the Living Wage recommendation of £9.50 an hour” suggesting that those on £9.50 would receive the promised pay increase.

However, a letter from Eluned Morgan to Members of Senedd on 30 July confirmed that starting salaries for the lowest paid would remain at £18,576 a year – or £9.50 an hour.

Mr ap Iorwerth has today written to Ms Morgan seeking clarification on this point, reminding the Minister that “truly valuing the skills and commitment of the workforce has never been as important.”

Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson for health and care, Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said,

“This NHS pay fiasco is an example of giving with one hand, and taking with the other.

“First, our NHS staff are promised a 3% pay rise, and those on the Living Wage are to be uplifted to £10.18 per hour. Next, we learn that not only was the £10.18 incorrect, but it’s possible that those on the lowest wage won’t receive a pay rise at all.

“This will be a huge blow to our hard working NHS staff and government must now explain how these erroneous statements came to be made.

“Truly valuing the skills and commitment of the workforce has never been as important, and that is why I have implored the Welsh Government to honour the original 3% pay rise promise made on July 21st.”

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