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Plaid Cymru to vote AGAINST latest Welsh Government Covid regulations

Confirming their voting intention on the latest Welsh Government regulations, Plaid Cymru Spokesperson for Health, Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said,

“Since the start of this pandemic, Plaid Cymru has been ready to support the introduction of a range of measures to control and limit the transmission of the virus – even in situations where sometimes quite severe limitations have been imposed on our freedoms.

“When we have backed restrictions, it’s been when we have been convinced that the evidence is clear on the positive impact those measures would have, and that they can be implemented in practice.

Covid pass: “We are not voting against the principle…but you need to come back with something more robust, better evidenced”

“Regrettably, the regulations proposed by Welsh Government today raise more questions than they provide answers. There is insufficient evidence and little detail on how it will work in practice. In particular, the rapid test loophole which represents a fudge on the part of the Government, makes the system open to exploitation.

“We’ve asked many questions and haven’t been given the assurances we’ve sought. And it’s for that reason that we feel unable to support these regulations today.

“We are not voting against because of issues of principle. We asked Welsh Government to withdraw this motion and made it clear we’d contribute to discussions on how something more robust could be brought forward, better evidenced, and with clarity on implication. That offer is still open.


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