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Plaid has “serious concerns” over Covid Test and Trace system in Wales

DELYTH Jewell MS has responded to the news that just 26.8% of results from tests at regional testing centres were returned within 24 hours and says that she has “serious concerns” over the Welsh Government’s ability to respond quickly to stamp out new outbreaks.  Adding that Plaid Cymru is highlighting the importance of a robust first line of defence against new coronavirus outbreaks.

Plaid Cymru Member of Senedd, Delyth Jewell, said:

“I am extremely concerned to hear that three-quarters of test results from regional testing centres take longer than 24 hours to be returned. A well-functioning test and trace system acts as an early warning for new outbreaks. If tests take longer than 24 hours to be returned, it severely limits our ability to stamp out new outbreaks quickly. If Wales is faced with a second wave, without a robust first line of defence, the Welsh Government will find themselves left with only one option – a return to lockdown conditions.

“Local authorities and health boards need to be supported in the vital work that they’re doing through the test, trace and protect the system, and that means ensuring that tests are returned quickly.”

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