June 25, 2021

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Plaid MP supports call for alternative Covid-19 approach

Jonathan Edwards MP has written to the Health Ministers in Wales and England having received information from a consultant treating coronavirus patients.

The information provided to Mr Edwards concerns the current health pathway whereby patients report to hospital at a stage when their symptoms are critical which can have an impact upon survival rates.

Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP Jonathan Edwards said,
“The experience of the Consultant who has contacted me indicates that those who ultimately become seriously ill after contracting the virus initially start suffering from hypoxia (low oxygen in the blood) at approximately day 6 after contracting the virus. By later stages in the most serious cases, at around day 10, patients suffer from a cytokine storm.

“The consultant advocates an alternative strategy in which at an earlier stage in the virus cycle, day 5 or 6, patients are treated with Oxygenators to prevent the hypoxia starting the cytokine storm.

“I have heard of two patients in the Hywel Dda Health board area having been treated successfully in this manner in the last week and discharged three days later.

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“I am also informed that a larger clinical study is being undertaken in the coming days involving 60 patients.

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“I am writing therefore to ask both the British and Welsh Governments to look closely at the findings of this study as an alternative approach.​
“Its not my role to make medical decisions, and I appreciate those in government and medical policy advisers are working under extreme pressure. It is my role as an opposition politician to forward relevant information I have received from clinicians and challenge those making decisions on our behalf.”

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