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Plaid MP welcomes Wales Air Ambulance to Parliament

CARMARTHEN East and Dinefwr MP, Jonathan Edwards, caught up with members of Wales Air Ambulance who were visiting Parliament in London this week to talk about the service.

 This followed a meeting last week between Jonathan Edwards MP and Dr. Rhys Thomas.

Dr. Rhys served several tours of Afghanistan and Iraq as a doctor in the parachute regiment and learnt the importance of being able to deliver critical care immediately at the scene. As a result, the development of the Welsh Air Ambulances has learnt from the military and now boasts world leading kit and equipment that most A&Es and intensive care units would be envious of.

The Welsh Air Ambulance therefore is able to offer immediate life-saving, critical care including blood and clotting products as the military did in Afghanistan. Therefore, not just operating as a transportation service.

Dr. Rhys Thomas with Jonathan Edwards MP.

On his discussions with members of the service, particularly the local impact within Carmarthenshire, Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“I was delighted to catch up with Professor David Lockey and Angela Hughes who were speaking about the excellent work of Wales Air Ambulance.

“I thank all of the dedicated staff at Wales Air Ambulance for this specialist, essential, life-saving service provided across Wales.

“I am particularly delighted that this new concept was co-founded by my Plaid Cymru colleague, Dr Rhys Thomas, and his colleague, Dr. Dindi Gill. 

“We are lucky in Wales to have a first class service which surpasses anything else across Europe.  Our system is far more effective in saving lives and offers a whole exciting range of possibilities about how the health services of the future could be developed.”

Featured Image: Professor David Lockey (National Director), Angela Hughes (CEO) with Jonathan Edwards MP.


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