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PLANS to move the Pembrokeshire Hunt to Treffgarne look likely to be approved.

Members of the county council planning committee will discuss an application to change an existing building on land at Tan Y Garne, Treffgarne, from an agricultural use to use as kennels to house hunt hounds and a fallen stock processing unit.

At its meeting on October 1 the committee will consider the 34 objections to the proposal which includes extending the building to provide outdoor kennel runs and a static caravan for the kennel huntsman to live in.

The Pembrokeshire Hunt and fallen stock enterprise – where dead farm stock are processed to feed the hounds – had been located at Slade Villas, Haverfordwest for 100 years.

A report to committee adds that the Pembrokeshire Hunt has been established for more than 300 years, with the fallen stock element functioning for the last 13 years.

The lease at Slade Villas has been terminated by the Dashwood Estate, and as a result the existing operation including around 80 hounds must re-locate to new premises.

The trail hunting season operates from the first Saturday in November to the first Saturday in March each year.

During the season the hounds trail hunt every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with pre-season training commencing in September.

The huntsmen transport the pack to meets with the trail hunt exercises lasting up to six hours and out of season or on non-trial days, the pack is exercised daily in sessions up to four hours.

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