May 18, 2021

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PLANS for 40 houses including eight affordable homes at Trewern near Welshpool have been submitted to Powys planners.

The outline planning application is by the Chapman family for 40 dwellings and associated works at land to the east of Buttington Trewern County Primary School.

A pre-application consultation process was held on the plans nearly five years ago.

Agent Gerallt Davies of Roger Parry and partners explained the proposal in a Design and Access statement.

Mr Davies said: “The development will include a mixture of residential, including a provision of affordable properties.

“The proposed development is also looking to improve and utilise
the existing primary school access, which currently is causing highway safety issues.”

He added that the development would seek to provide extra parking spaces for the school as well as an informal park or “amenity space” for the community.

The application is only in outline at the moment, which means it is to decide the principle of whether the site can be built on, or not.

If the application is successful a further more detailed application would need to be submitted to Powys County Council.

Mr Davies said:  “It is anticipated that the development would be up
to 40 dwellings, with a mix of two to five bedroomed properties, single and two storey respectively.”

The layout of the site, means that each property is supposed to have sufficient garden and parking spaces.

Mr Davies said: “Given the varied types of properties envisaged, it is important that these are pepper potted around the site, to ensure that varied family types occupy the site together.”

Mr Davies explained that social issues rise when areas of a housing site are designated purely for specific types of houses,  such as affordable homes and other parts are  just for four and five bedroomed properties.

Mixing the different sizes is supposed to make sure  the social fabric of a scheme is “diverse and acceptable.”

“This mixture will ensure that the site would meet a wide range of needs
within the locality,” said Mr Davies.

Mr Davies added: “The scheme will have a significant positive impact on the existing school, in providing a number of family orientated properties, which will ensure the pupil numbers of the school remains healthy.”

The application will be decided by planners at a future date.

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