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A FOREIGN language school owner wants to use his Swansea bungalow permanently as a boarding house for students from Spain.

David Randell already has temporary planning permission to use the Caswell property for up to 10 foreign students, who stay in the bungalow for a few weeks at a time and attend schools in the area on an exchange basis.

He has now applied to Swansea Council for permanent consent for a cultural exchange school for up to 14 students.

As is the case now, no formal teaching would take place at the Caswell Road bungalow, and the students would be looked after by an adult supervisor or supervisors, with a caretaker also on-site in an annexe.

The students would eat meals together and do homework and group activities there in the evening.

A planning statement submitted on behalf of Mr Randell said he wanted permanent consent in order to continue and develop the exchange programme.

It said: “Since 2011, the applicant’s Spanish school has established close cultural exchange links with St Michael’s school in Llanelli.

“Currently progress is being made for other local schools in the west Swansea area to take part in the exchange programme.”

The statement also said there had been no complaints about the premises in the past three years.

It added: “The previous planning application attracted no representation from the 15 residents consulted and therefore it is reasonable to conclude that the noise associated with the development is acceptable.”

Students boarding at the bungalow would not have cars and would use buses to get around.

The application will be considered by Swansea Council’s planning department.

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