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PLANS to demolish and rebuild a Llŷn petrol station have been submitted to council planners.

In a move designed to secure the future of the business, Pen-y-Bont garage in Sarn Meyllteyrn would be demolished and rebuilt with the new facility set to also include a hot food takeaway and extra parking spaces.

The plans, which will be considered by the authority’s planning department over the coming months, would see the demolition of the existing buildings and toilet block to make way for a new garage shop and forecourt, also serving hot food.

Noting that the development would “increase and improve the selection of goods to serve this rural area,” the supporting documents go on to state it would also “secure the future and viability of the garage” and create jobs.

“At present, the site is very crowded with the existing buildings and uses and doesn’t maximise the space available on the site. In addition, the MOT centre is no longer viable, and this business has now ceased,” notes the design and access statement.

“By demolishing the buildings described above, the proposed service station will be re-sited further into the site which will enable a more convenient layout and floor space which can specifically provide the services and range of goods that the market demands.

“In addition, there will be more safe and convenient parking areas for customers, as well as better circulation areas for traffic entering and leaving the site using the fuel pumps.

“(The) retail area (would) provide an additional range of products which will benefit the rural area in providing top-up shopping and reducing the need to travel for certain items, as well as storage, a toilet for public use and a hot-food takeaway.”

The plans will be considered by Gwynedd Council’s planning department over the coming months.

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