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PLANS to increase the accommodation on offer at a five-star tourism business near Lake Vyrnwy has been approved by Powys planners.

Teresa Palmer of Cyfie Farm, which is between Llanfihangel yng Ngwynfa and Pontrobert, has been given the green light for plans for three eco-friendly ‘hobbit homes’ that can be dug into the ground, a shepherd hut, and a converted horsebox, as well as car parking and a septic tank at the site.

In her application, Mrs Palmer, said: “As an existing five-star business with four holiday cottages we would like to expand our customer base and offer alternative options to the tourism market.

“We have spent a considerable amount of time and effort researching various options and how these would fit around our existing business and surroundings.

“We believe the options we have chosen will not only take advantage of these amazing views across the Vyrnwy Valley but also have the least visual impact on the surroundings.”

Staying at the pods will to “enrich” the visitors experience as well as “make them feel at one with nature” according to Nottinghamshire Pods limited.

They said: “These pods will make the most of what Wales has to offer.

“The visitors will approach the pods through an existing garden with mature trees and woodland.

“Travelling along winding pathways they will encounter many bird and bat boxes, insect houses and an abundance of flowers, all intended to enrich their experience and make them feel at one with nature.”

“Passing through the gateway into the field, the in-ground pods will be hidden from view.”

“As they travel along the path, around the mounded earth the entrance of the pod will gradually be revealed.”

Powys County Council, planning officer Kate Bowen said:  “It is considered that there is ample space so that the existing tourist asset would not be unacceptably harmed, and the recommendation is one of conditional consent.

“Part of the conditions include the need for passing bays for vehicles to be built on the unclassified U2119 road, and improved access to give drivers better visibility while entering and leaving the site.”


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