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Police and Crime Commissioner demands Home Office apology to local Pembrokeshire residents

DAFYDD Llywelyn the Dyfed-Powys Police and Crime Commissioner is demanding the Home Office make a public apology to Pembrokeshire residents over the lack of public engagement around using the ministry of defence camp in Penally to house asylum seekers.

Since the news broke of the plans to use the camp as a location to house 230 asylum seekers temporarily Mr  Llywelyn has been calling for greater community engagement and detailed strategic planning to ensure that local residents are fully aware of developments.

However, he has been frustrated by the lack of communication from the Home Office in regards to the developments and said; “The lack of planning, communication, consultation and information, is totally unacceptable, and shows a  lack of respect to not only the local residents in Penally and the surrounding area in Pembrokeshire but also a lack of respect to local service providers and partners.

“There has been no clarity on the strategic plan and insufficient engagement to ensure we support and safeguard these vulnerable individuals whilst also addressing local concerns, and I am now demanding that the Home Office apologises to the local residents for their lack of respect”.

Over the last two weeks, the PCC has attended several multiagency meetings involving Police, Unitary Authority, Health and Welsh Government colleagues, to ensure this decision made without consultation is responded to efficiently and effectively.

Dafydd Llywelyn said:

 “It has been left to our local agencies including the Police to pick up the pieces of this impractical Home Office decision and I am therefore asking for a direct apology.This way of working is not acceptable. I will continue to involve myself and be proactive in these developments to support the local community of Penally and Pembrokeshire and ensure these vulnerable individuals are safeguarded and provided with adequate services”.

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