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Police call for reporting of anti social ‘cycling youths’

DYFED-Powys Police are asking members of the public in the Ammanford Town area to phone 101 and report any anti-social behaviour being caused by youths on push-bikes.

Ammanford police have had reports from members of the public of on-going disorder with a group of youths. This includes youths entering local stores on bikes and being abusive/ travelling the wrong way around roundabouts/pulling wheelies on the road and swerving in and out of both pedestrians and vehicles causing road users to slam on their brakes.

PC Pocock of Carmarthenshire Neighbourhood Tasking Unit said: “Local police have had reports of youths causing annoyance and disturbance in Ammanford town whilst cycling in an anti-social manner. The youths are cycling in high numbers through the pedestrianised area of Quay Street and other neighbouring areas. Police fear that an accident could occur should this behaviour continue where people could be seriously injured.

“Young riders may not realise how intimidating it can be when they ride at speed in residential areas or when they cycle around in an anti-social manner. We will work closely with our partner agencies to look at ways to problem solve these on-going issues. While we have the option of prosecutions for careless or dangerous cycling, we are not looking to criminalise and want to focus on education in the first instance.

“There are areas in the Town and the surrounding parts where young people can cycle safely and responsibly. We don’t wish to stop people having fun; we just ask that they are considerate to others.”

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