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DYFED-Powys Police has concerns about plans for a licensed cafe on the slipway to Castle Beach, Tenby following increasing anti-social behaviour in the area.

Members of Pembrokeshire County Council’s licensing committee will discuss an application for a premises licence for the Castle Cafe, made by the owner of the nearby Dennis Cafe, this week.

Representations from Dyfed-Powys Police licensing officer Nigel Lewis highlight a “gradual increase in the failure to comply with social distancing; anti-social behaviour, bonfires; discarded broken glass and general waste thereby minimising the public confidence, for their safety, at this location” in the immediate vicinity recently.

Castle cafe is an open plan single room premises with 2 wide windows and double doors. There is limited seating with the licence application to allow alcohol to be served 9am-8pm seven days a week, open until 9pm Friday and Saturday.

The applicant outlines how the licensing objectives will be met including “zero-tolerance” to anti-social behaviour, crime, violence and disorder on the premises. IT adds that large groups will not be allowed to reduce overcrowding and covered bins provided.

Mr Lewis adds he has spoken with the applicant, who is the existing licensed premises holder for the Dennis Cafe “directly opposite” but “there are subtle differences which raise concerns for me.”

“From the experiences of the last 3 weekends, the business model proposed suggests that this will become a bar, on The Castle Beach selling high volumes of alcohol to customers, with negligible tangible controls to uphold the 4 Licensing Objectives,” adds his submission.

A number of objections from residents on prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, prevention of public nuisance and protection of children from harm grounds are also included for the committee’s consideration.

The licensing committee meets on Tuesday, May 25 at 2pm and will decide the application at the meeting or can issue its decision within seven days.

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