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Police investigate alleged theft of Macbook at Travelodge

A visitor to Llanelli claims his Macbook was stolen during a stay at a Travelodge. Trevor McKatherine, who hails from Essex said that he left his room to go and visit his mum. On his return he said the Apple Mac book was missing. He said: “When I returned and asked where it was I was told one of my kids had taken it.

“We searched the room with no luck. They took the ring charger and left the MacBook charger behind now they are just not responding to me.”

We contacted Dyfed-Powys Police for a comment. They said: “We received a report stating an Apple Macbook had been stolen from the Travelodge, Llanelli, at around 4pm on Wednesday, February 19. All possible lines of enquiry have been followed up and the investigation has now been completed. The victim has been updated on the outcome. The computer has not been recovered and no suspects  have been identified. Anyone with information is asked to report it to police.”

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