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Politicians escape Senedd ‘Boozgate Scandal’ but junior staff member faces prosecution

DOCUMENTS seen by the Leader of Propel, Neil McEvoy, show that a junior member of Senedd staff may be held accountable for the pre-Christmas booze up involving senior Labour and Conservative politicians, whilst the politicians will face no action.

The leader of Propel claims that a member of staff from the Member Tea Room will be interviewed under caution under Public Health Protection Coronavirus Restrictions Wales Regulations 2020.

It was revealed in January that the four politicians, three Conservative MSs and one Labour MS, drank alcohol together in the Senedd Tea Room after the 6pm alcohol curfew. Conservative Nick Ramsey initially drank water with his meal, but was later said to have joined Labour MS Alun Davies for a glass of wine, before leaving at around 8pm. Davies was joined by then Conservative Leader Paul Davies and Conservative Chief Whip Darran Miller. The trio drank until the early hours of the morning and were escorted off the premises by security.

Labour MS, Alun Davies, was later suspended from the Labour Party group and the Conservative, Paul Davies, stood down as leader.

In a Freedom of Information request, obtained by Neil McEvoy, the Presiding Officer of the Senedd, Elin Jones, has confirmed that no police action will be taken against the politicians.

Mr McEvoy claims that  a member of the Tea Room staff who allegedly served 2 glasses of wine will now be interviewed under caution. She’s been sent a letter advising her of her right to remain silent and that she may be subject to criminal proceedings.

Neil McEvoy MS said:

“It really is outrageous that no police action is being taken against the politicians who actually drank the alcohol and instructed the junior staff member to serve them. These were four powerful lawmakers from the governing party and official opposition. I’m sure they knew exactly what they were doing.

“They made the laws that banned serving of alcohol. But instead of interviewing them under caution it’s the person who works in the Tea Room who will undergo this police ordeal and possibly be prosecuted.

“This really is everything that is wrong with our Welsh Parliament at the moment. The powerful can do what they want and know they’ll get away with it. It’s those without power who have to pay the price for their actions. Are we really going to allow a Tea Room employee to be thrown under the bus for the actions of these politicians?

“The First Minister said that the bar worker should not carry the can, but this is what is happening, It is disgraceful.

“I am writing to the Chief Constable, the First Minister, the Presiding Officer and the Leader of Cardiff Council, to insist it is not in the public interest to prosecute a junior member of staff, for the actions of powerful politicians.”

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