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Powys County Council continue investigations into allegations of staff misconduct

AT least four members of staff are still suspended as allegations of misconduct dating back to last summer continue to be investigated.

The probe is understood to relate to the Powys County Council’s (PCC) road surfacing operation.

The investigation was initiated following a complaint made by Powys County Councillor for Llanwddyn, Bryn Davies.

Powys County Council has said that allegations are still being investigated.

Cllr Davies (Plaid Cymru) made the complaint after being contacted by several Llangynog Community Councillors.

Llangynog is a village close to the county border with Denbighshire.

At a meeting of Llangynog Community Council in September 2020, records show that Cllr Davies updated the councillors on the situation, and says that he has contacted the relevant portfolio holder on the issue.

Nearly six months later, Cllr Davies has updated his constituents on the investigation in a column he writes for a local community newspaper.

Plaid Cymru group leader, Cllr Elwyn Vaughan, Glantwymyn, believes that all councillors should be told about the investigation, and a report on it go to the Audit committee.

Cllr Vaughan said: “For the sake of transparency let’s ensure the matter is not covered up,

“Rumours abound about this matter, and it’s imperative that we get clarity and transparency so that lessons are learnt for the future but also as a deterrent for such action again.”

A spokesman for PCC, said:  “The County Council is still investigating the allegations, and cannot comment until all actions are complete.”

Photo Credit: Oosoom at English Wikipedia from Wkiki commons

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