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Powys County Council will continue to prosecute owners of dogs caught fouling

PEOPLE who are caught allowing their pooches to poo in public can  be fined, even though there are no dog wardens in Powys.

This was revealed in an answer to a question at anytime posed by Cllr Gareth Ratcliffe.

Cllr Ratcliffe (Hay – Liberal Democrat) asked if Powys County Council (PCC) has  a plan to combat dog fouling in the county.

He also pointed out that in the past he along with other councillors had brought the issue to the council’s attention, in the hope that something would be done about it.

One suggestion Cllr Ratcliffe had previously made was to have Traffic Wardens help out.

Another to bring the issue up is Cllr Emily Durrant (Llangors – Green Party).

Cllr Durrant, said: “It should come as no surprise that with no dog wardens, dog fouling is on the increase, and the problem worsened by the fact that dog ownership has increased dramatically during lockdown.”

Portfolio Holder for Corporate Governance, Engagement & Regulatory Services, Cllr Graham Breeze (Welshpool Llanerchyddol – Independent), said: “Although PCC no longer employs dog wardens, arrangements are in place for the reporting of incidences of dog fouling.

“Complaints of dog fouling are initially referred to the Highways Department who will arrange for the area to be cleaned, and erect “No Fouling” signs and bins as appropriate.

“However, if there is a witness to the incident or the name and address of the offender is known then the matter is referred to the Environmental Protection team who will investigate the matter, and if there is sufficient evidence, will issue a Fixed Penalty Notice.”

Cllr Breeze added: “With respect to the proposal to review the powers of Civil Enforcement Officers (Traffic Wardens) to assist with the enforcement of dog fouling, the Highways Department have advised that adding duties to their current role would diminish their ability to effectively manage traffic within our towns and villages.”

To make a  complaint about dog fouling visit: https://en.powys.gov.uk/article/4511/Report-dog-fouling on the PCC website.

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