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SOUTH Wales Police’s match commander for today’s Welsh football derby held at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea has praised both sets of fans for their behaviour this afternoon.

Supt Steve Jones, said: “This afternoon was a very successful occasion for all concerned in the months of planning and organisation.

“Both sets of fans contributed to the great atmosphere at the match and I want to thank them for the way in which they behaved this afternoon.

“South Wales Police has been working with Swansea City and Cardiff City football clubs to plan today’s match.

“Over recent years, fans of both clubs have become well accustomed to the arrangements put in place to ensure the safety of supporters, which has included a full police escort for away fans.

“The good behaviour of fans as well as the effective stewarding and policing have all combined to create an enjoyable occasion and has given a very positive impression of the South Wales derby fixtures.

“Before today’s game we held numerous meetings with representatives from both clubs and their supporters and took on board their views and concerns from previous fixtures.

“Today’s success was as a result of all the careful planning and restrictions put in place.”

Five people were arrested this afternoon, three were for minor public order offences, one for common assault and one for a pitch invasion.  One other person was reported for summons for a public order offence.

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