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PLAID Cymru AM Helen Mary Jones has praised the work of Tŷ Bryngwyn Hospice in a debate in the Senedd about the future of hospice and palliative care in Wales.

Speaking in the Senedd Mid and West Assembly Member Helen Mary Jones said:

“I’d like to draw the Assembly’s attention to the model used by the Tŷ Bryngwyn Hospice in Llanelli in my own region. I’ve been privileged to support the work of that hospice for many years. In fact, one of my first duties as an Assembly Member was to attend its opening and then to give the local health board a certain amount of pressure to make sure that they funded it properly. Now, in that model, the basic care, the nursing care, the medical care is provided and funded by the local health board. The hospice was built and has been refurbished and all the extra things that come with hospice care are provided by the charitable organisation, which has huge local support.

“It’s an innovative model, and I think it may be one that could be developed across Wales. It wouldn’t work for all charitable hospices, because some of them would feel that that involved too much of a loss of their own autonomy and of the way that they want to provide services, but it is one way that I’ve seen, where the basic care that would otherwise be provided in a hospital, perhaps, is provided at a much better setting, but where the charitable model is then free to provide the extras, if you like, and not the basics.”

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