Pressure is building to remove Prime Minister Boris Johnson from office.

Political pundits have been highlighting the gaffs and cavalier behaviour of the Prime Minister for some time. Despite the best efforts Downing Street has been unable to contain the mounting pressure and publicity surrounding his term in office. 

A confidence vote will take place this evening with some predicting Mr Johnson will survive.

The PM  was met with boos and jeers when he attended a service at St. Pauls Cathedral over the weekend. 

Welsh politicians are lending their voices to the growing number of people calling for the PM’s head.

Pembrokeshire Liberal Democrats have called on local MPs Simon Hart and Stephen Crabb to remove Boris Johnson as Prime Minister this week.

A vote of no-confidence in Boris Johnson is being held by Conservative MPs this evening after enough Conservative MPs submitted their letters to the 1922 Committee.

The news comes in light of the Metropolitan Police ruling that showed Johnson broke lockdown laws, and also the damning Sue Gray report that effectively blamed his leadership for the parties in Downing Street that have caused public outrage.

Commenting Jane Dodds MS said:

“When so many people in Pembrokeshire are suffering from spiralling bills and a cost of living emergency, we can’t have a Prime Minister just focussed on saving his own skin.

“It is time Simon Hart and Stephen Crabb finally do their patriotic duty and sack Boris Johnson. Our country needs strong leadership and we can’t have any more of this nonsense.

“The Conservative party is wasting precious time with these internal squabbles. We need an emergency tax cut, not a Westminster soap opera.

“If Simon Hart, Stephen Crabb and their colleagues have the courage and decency to act months ago when the rest of the country all knew Boris Johnson had to go, then we wouldn’t be in this mess right now.”

Responding to Conservative MPs voting to keep a lawbreaker in Number 10 this evening, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

“The situation is clearer than ever before a divided Conservative party is propping up Boris Johnson with no plan to tackle the issues facing the Welsh public.

“It continues to be one rule for them and another for the rest of us. Boris Johnson is a liar and lawbreaker who isn’t fit to remain Prime Minister for a moment longer.

“Lifelong Conservatives are appalled and continue to turn towards the Liberal Democrats who they know work hard and focus on what matters.”

“At present, it seems Welsh Conservative MPs are set to remain out-of-touch with the people of Wales.”


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