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Propel calls for all MSs to take two year pay freeze

PROPEL leader Neil McEvoy has submitted a No Named Day Motion to the Senedd to freeze elected members’ pay for the next two financial years.

There is currently a consultation being undertaken by the Senedd’s Remunerations Board, with a view to increasing the pay for Members of the Senedd. The proposal is to increase MSs pay by 2.4%, rather than the originally planned 4.4%, having frozen pay for one year. Nonetheless, Neil McEvoy MS said that he had responded to the consultation to call for no increase, feeling there was little prospect of a pay rise for members of the public. Mr McEvoy called for Members of the Senedd to “lead by example in these extraordinary times.”

Neil McEvoy, Leader of Propel, said:

“It would absolutely be the wrong message for Members of the Senedd to give themselves a pay rise at this time. For most of the last year people have had to take a pay cut, either by being furloughed or losing their job. After the election, all those elected will have a regular salary every month. So many now don’t enjoy that security. We have to lead by example and Propel is doing this.”

The no named day motion reads:

All members of the Senedd note the incredibly difficult times we are all facing
We recognise the tremendous financial challenges caused by the Covid-19 crisis
We acknowledge that unlike many of our countrymen, Members of the Senedd have continued to receive a full salary each month
Given the current situation, the Senedd resolves to freeze elected members pay for the next two financial years
The Business Committee of the Senedd will decide if the motion is chosen for debate.

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