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Propel launches its policy platform ‘The Contract with Wales’

WALES’ new political party Propel has today launched its policy platform for the Senedd elections in May.

Propel Leader, Neil McEvoy MS, said ‘the Contract with Wales’ is the party’s “contract with the Welsh people”, which includes 10 Acts that the party will introduce if in government after the election.

The Contract also commits Propel to an immediate independent investigation of Welsh Government waste, fraud or corruption, an independent enquiry into the Welsh Government’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic and also to end all lockdowns in Wales.

Call for radical changes: Neil McEvoy of Propel

The 10 proposed Acts in the Contract features a Coronavirus Recovery Act, with a bold commitment to fight the virus through a mitigated scenario of social distancing measures, without damaging lockdowns. Gyms will be reclassified as essential services and schools will be fully opened, and remain open, for all children.

An eye-catching proposal is the Welsh Energy Independence Act, with a commitment to create a £25 billion new industry by extracting Wales’ significant natural gas reserves. This would lessen Wales’ energy dependence on Qatar and Russia, while bringing new wealth to Wales. The proposed Act also commits the party to establishing a Welsh Sovereign Wealth Fund, with the revenue raised from gas extraction. The fund would make long-term sustainable investments in Wales, and internationally, so that future generations can benefit, as well as transitioning the country to fully renewable energy.

The Modern Direct Democracy Act would give Wales a constitution and Bill of Rights for the first time, in addition to giving the public the right to bring about legally-binding national and local referenda.

A New Welsh Economy Act would see a Stock Exchange Cymru created for Welsh companies who want to publicly trade shares. Eight co-operative community banks would be established, with a primary focus on investing in new small and medium sized local businesses. A new industrial strategy would see a focus on developing high tech, sustainable manufacturing for home consumption and export.

A radical set of proposals in the Housing Justice Act would see a ‘housing first’ policy implemented to end homelessness. The Act also makes clear that the party would not grant building contracts to any housing developers who have not rectified previous dangerous fire cladding. Another novel policy commits the party to a service charge cap to end the unjustified and enormous annual increases in service charges for leaseholders.

The Planning for Wales Act will reform local development planning to have an emphasis on providing local housing, based on local need, as well as upgrading Wales’ strategic road network to include a North-South National Expressway.

Profiteering from looked-after children in care homes will be outlawed under the Children Before Profit Act, with all children taken into care in Wales, remaining in Wales.

Party Leader Neil McEvoy said:

“I’m proud to sign my name to the Contract with Wales, as are all Propel candidates across the country.

“Propel now has a policy platform to completely transform how our nation is governed, while creating enormous new economic opportunities. We will actually grow the size of the Welsh economy and bring new wealth to our country.

“The Contract with Wales will lead to justice in the housing market, bring in much needed public accountability, create fairness for families and children and put power in the hands of people, rather than politicians.

“Propel is going to finally give the Welsh public a real choice at the elections in May.”

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