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Public apology made by former councillor who received election ban

A public apology has been made by a former councillor who was given an election ban for violent Facebook posts.

Phil Baguley, who stepped down from Sully and Lavernock community council last September, was recently disqualified from standing again for 15 months.

Three Facebook posts, “promoting violence” against three female MPs, led to his temporary ban by the Adjudication Panel for Wales.

Now the former councillor has publicly apologised for the posts and said he has “learned a valuable lesson”.

Mr Baguley said:

“I would like to issue a public apology for the hurt and offence which may have been caused by the comments I made on my private Facebook page.

“Anyone who knows me will confirm I am not remotely sexist or racist. What I am is very passionate in my beliefs and I have made the mistake of making comments whilst feeling very upset about a particular issue and am now aware that my tone is aggressive and offensive.

“I can confirm wholeheartedly that I never wanted these comments to be taken literally and anyone who knows me will confirm this is the way I speak. I have learned I need to think much more about the true message that I intend to say before saying it and have learned a valuable lesson.

“Whilst I have learned a lesson I have also realised that I never want to get involved in local politics again. Once again I wish to apologise for any harm I have caused.”

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