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Puppies dumped just before Christmas find loving homes across Wales

NINE puppies found dumped in a lane in Llanelli just before Christmas 2019 have fund new homes across Wales thanks to the help from Many Tears Animal Rescue, and their wonderful new owners.

Rachel Phillips, owner of George, said the dog came to the family at just the right time, as he helped her family to heal after the loss of another dog just two months before Christmas.

“We lost our dog in October and it was heartbreaking. Our other dog missed her a lot too. When we saw that the puppies had been dumped from a post on Facebook, we decided to see if we could adopt one. Luckily we were successful and picked George up on January 4th.”

George, like any other puppy, loves long walks and lots of attention, but it’s his caring nature that may lead to a possible career for the young pup as a support dog.

It’s hoped that with the right training George could become a service dog for Rachel’s son given their already strong bond.

“My son is autistic, but George can calm him down when he gets upset which is lovely to see” said Rachel.

With nine puppies in loving homes across Wales, one woman took it upon herself to reunite the siblings, and create a space for the owners where they could swap stories, advice, and very cute pictures.

Zoey McNeil, owner of Cinnamon-fudge started the Facebook group Welsh Sibling because she wanted to stay in contact with the puppies siblings. Living in North Wales, Zoey is planning on coming south soon to meet the other members of this very cute family. It’s also hoped that soon they will be able to find the owner of the other five puppies, but have sadly had no luck so far.

If you adopted a springer spaniel cross from Many Tears Animal Rescue some time at the start of 2020 then please get in touch with the Welsh Sibling Facebook group.

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