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TEMPORARY railings are being installed at Railings aim to prevent mass gatherings in SA1in Swansea to help prevent mass gatherings in the area and keep people safe.

The action has been taken following discussions between Swansea Council, South Wales Police and the Welsh Government, who own the land, in response to concerns of anti-social behaviour in the area in recent weeks.

The decision comes as lockdown restrictions continue to be eased this weekend with news that any six people can meet up outdoors provided they keep their distance from one another and do not meet with other groups.

Pubs, cafes, and restaurants that have access to outdoor space will be able to re-open for outdoor services only from April 26 although customers will be allowed to have access to their toilet facilities.

Ice House Square near Kings Road and the Sailbridge was one of the areas in SA1 where large gatherings had been taking place in recent weeks.

Mark Wade, Head of Service for Public Health at Swansea Council, said:

“It’s unfortunate that this action has had to be taken. We understand people want to get out and about after a long period of restrictions. But, the scenes witnessed in recent weeks of large groups of people gathering in SA1 are completely unacceptable.

“Residents there should not have to put up with the littering or the anti-social behaviour near their homes these gatherings have caused. In addition to that such illegal events are perfect opportunities for people to spread Covid-19 very quickly.

“The virus is still with us and the vast majority of people are abiding by the rules. But the behaviour of a noisy, anti-social minority risks spoiling the easing of the restrictions for the rest of us.

“No-one wants a return to more stringent restrictions. But that’s the risk we run if people don’t behave. Despite the success of the vaccination programme so far, Covid-19 causes illness and is still a killer.”

Chief Inspector Declan Cahill of South Wales Police said:

“We know and understand that people are getting frustrated with lockdown rules; however, although regulations have eased, we all still have a part to play.

“Anti-social behaviour has a direct impact on the wider community and having to deal with these incidents puts extra strain on both police and our partners.

“We urge those thinking about attending popular outdoor locations such as SA1 to think twice about the impact on your community, especially in the current climate.”

The intention is to remove the fences on 26 April as outdoor hospitality begins to reopen. However, consideration will be given to reinstalling the fences should the situation not improve.

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