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A Broad Haven resident’s proposal to demolish and replace her home have been refused by the National Park on visual impact grounds.
The size and design of the proposed replacement house at Ringstone on Haroldstone Hill on the way out of Broad Haven towards Druidston, was objected to by neighbours, the community council and planning officers.
Havens Community Council reassessed its support for the application following a site visited held by members of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park development management committee and the submission of altered plans, with objections on privacy matters and impact on the skyline raised.
The application is recommended for refusal on the grounds “the proposed design is not considered to respect the context, scale or design of adjoining development and will cause harm to the special qualities of the National Park.”
Applicant Theresa Bowen said at Wednesday’s (July 21) committee meeting: “I would not put a dwelling in place that would cause offence to my neighbours or the village I love.”
Neighbours felt the plan’s “design and scale does not harmonise or enhance its picturesque surroundings” with members agreeing a more suitable design would likely be permissible.
“It does look overbearing, there is a more suitable design that could go there,” said Cllr Tony Wilcox.
Questions were raised about pre-application advice, which the Ms Bowen said was sought, but director of development Nicola Gandy said that had not been on the plans as submitted, but further discussions would be welcomed.

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