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Report on dental provision in Mid and West Wales handed in to Welsh Government

A report on dental provision throughout Mid & West Wales has been handed into the Welsh Government, detailing problems in accessing dentistry throughout the region.

The report, drawn up by Welsh Liberal Democrat Senedd Member for the region Jane Dodds was handed to the Health Minster Eluned Morgan last week.

The report highlights that many areas in the region are experiencing extortionate waiting times and that residents are struggling to register with NHS dentists.

In one case mentioned in the report, a resident has been unable to get an appointment for three years despite having a broken tooth.

Overall 36% of the survey respondents were not currently registered with a dentist, with the lack of ability to register with an NHS dentist the main reason respondents gave for not being registered.

Commenting Jane Dodds said:

“We all know dental provision in Mid & West Wales has not been up to scratch for a long time. The findings of my report unfortunately confirm that many people across the region are unable to access the treatment they need and are entitle to.

“We need urgent action to help recruit new dentists across the region to bring NHS waiting lists down

“I was happy to hear from the Health Minster Eluned Morgan when I handed my report over last week that she will continue to work on the issue and consider the findings and recommendations of my report.

“Good dental care is absolutely vital and we cannot go on with large parts of Mid & West Wales unable to access the services they deserve.”

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