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A REPORT examining flood risk and drainage on Port of Milford Haven land that flooded last year has been received in draft and will be shared with councillors in due course.

Full council heard from cabinet member for planning and infrastructure Cllr Phil Baker that the port had received the report this week but neither he, or officers, had seen it yet.

He was responding to a number of questions from Cllr Viv Stoddart in relation to disastrous flooding in Haven’s Head and Lower Priory in November last year that forced a number of people from their homes.

Checks have been carried out on the drainage systems of two Milford area housing developments, he added in response to Cllr Stoddart’s questions.

He said that build up of silt deposits and concerns about ‘trash screen’ clearance had been investigated and were considered to have had little impact on the flood.

The silt build up was of a “normal level and had minimal impact if removed,” he said on Thursday, May 9.

“Any additional storage increase from the removal of silt would be filled in a relatively short time,” added Cllr Baker.

Cllr Stoddart welcomed the report’s draft and said residents would look forward to reading the final publication.

Cllr Rhys Sinnett had asked for an update on wok carried out since the floods and was told that the situation remained as it was reported to scrutiny committee in March.

Referring to engagement with the community Cllr Sinnett said the the Port Authoirty had been “missing in action since November.”

He called on Cllr Baker to  help improve the siutation and “bring Milford Havne Port Authoirty and residents together to facilitate some positve action.”

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