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Retired headmaster uses geologist’s hammer to point to double standards over bypass construction in Carmarthenshire

A former headmaster is claiming that there are double standards involved when it comes to the building of roads in Carmarthenshire. Rowland Rees claims that the Welsh Government document ‘Appraisal Summary A484 Sandy Road bypass options state that the road would not align with current Welsh Government Transport Policy, however it conflicts with a bypass already under construction between Crosshands and Carmel.

The new road at Crosshands circumvents the village of Gorslas and runs around a peat bog, an area of special scientific interest. Mr Rees points out that there is far less traffic on the road and that there is far less value regarding the impact on the health and wellbeing of residents as opposed to what is happening at Sandy Road.

Crosshands Link Road / Gorslas Bypass

Mr Rees Said: “I spend a lot of time at SN6080 1902 or Lat long if easier 51.8524 -4.0224, this is half way between Carmel and Llandeilo on the A476, where on the road side some rare Silurian rocks are exposed so rare that over 50 years ago, I found a fossil ‘Pentamerid’ which is an ancient brachiopod which by now have developed into the muscle family.

“During my time here chipping away at the rocks, there are plenty of gaps between cars. This would not be the case in Sandy road if there were an interesting rock outcrop there to chip at. What I am getting at is that the volume of traffic on this road, the A476 is very low compared to the A484 in Sandy Road.

“Compared to Sandy road, both during peak times and off peak times there is no comparison of traffic flows between the two roads. The reason I know about traffic flow along this road is that you will often find me there with my little geological hammer and chisel splitting rocks, and you do not do this when a car is passing. I would not want to have a motorist make a claim against me. Mr Rees has asked if he could be provided with peak and off peak traffic numbers for the A476 and also Sandy Road.

Mr Rees concluded by saying: “What I can’t understand is that C.C.C are spending monies on this road improvement, a 2km length, with lesser traffic and lesser pollution and not on the Southern By Pass, which would certainly be the solution for Sandy road. The project in Crosshands has an estimated cost of £10.4 m of which the Welsh office are giving a minimum of £1.5 m. How does this compare to the costings of a Southern By pass for Sandy Road, where here you have a much greater volume of traffic and as a result a much higher pollution level.”

Feeling steamrollered by developments: Ray Jones of Sandy Road

Ray Jones has taken to social media once more to highlight his concerns. He said: “The vast majority of the local community and the general public (90% to 95%) want a Bypass which would be located in an area of waste secluded ground surrounded by a vast amount of pollution diluting trees, foliage and greenery.

“The Welsh Government backed up by Llanelli’s MS Lee Waters, state building more roads creates more pollution, not so, traffic create pollution, thousands of new vehicles create the same pollution, be it on one road or two roads. Are the Assembly saying “it’s alright to push the thousands of all future vehicles from the Council’s 800 or so new housing and other developments into Sandy Road, poisoning the residents to ensure all other communities have the right to breathe clean air at Sandy Road’s expense.”

Familiar scene: Traffic at standstill on Sandy Road

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