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A RETROSPECTIVE planning application for decking already in place at a house in Blaina has been approved by councillors.

The application for Llys Bery, 28 Tanglewood Drive was discussed by Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council planning committee at their meeting on Thursday, October 14.

This application was to keep and complete a raised decking area within the front garden of a detached residential property.

Blaenau Gwent planning officer Joanne White recommended refusing the application due to the: “adverse impact to the street scene, and the overbearing impact and loss of privacy to neighbouring properties.”

Applicant Thomas Llewelyn spoke at the meeting and explained that since he’d bought the property in 2003 he had looked to improve its landscape as “funding allowed.”

Due to its steep slope Mr Llewelyn had started to work to terrace the land so that it could be better maintained.

He also thought that the decking structure met the guidance for permitted development: “with no requirement for a planning application.”

Mr Llewelyn said: “The choice and finish of the building materials is wholly sympathetic with those used in Tanglewood.

“The deck surface is smaller than the land removed for the terracing works and it’s level above the highway remains as the original.”

“The proposal includes a laurel hedge and cherry tree planting which once matured will completely screen and obscure the supporting wall from view while enhancing the local biodiversity.”

He added that other similar developments could be seen in the area and appealed to councillors “common sense” to allow the development.

County councillor Lisa Winnett who represents the area said: “I totally concur with what’s being said and how the structure actually enhances the area.”

Cllr Derrick Bevan said: “It would be nice if we had a site visit/

“It’s not overlooking the other ones (houses), it would enhance the area especially with trees in front of it, I think it would look tidy.

“There’s nothing wrong with it.”

Cllr John Hill asked for the conditions to be added to the permission that the landscaping and planting of trees is done.

Mr Llewelyn confirmed that the laurel and cherry trees had already been planted but if any “more mature trees” were needed he would be happy to comply.

The application was granted unanimously

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