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REACTING to the news that homes in Treorci have been flooded overnight, Rhondda MS Leanne Wood said: “It is devastating for those affected by yet another flooding event in the Rhondda this year. The homes on High Street in Treorci have been flooded previously and some had only just finished repair and renovation work. Homes elsewhere have been hit too.

“People have been telling me that they were up at 4am this morning trying to keep the water out of the house. This is no way for people to live; with the constant threat of flooding whenever there is sustained rain.

“I have contacted Dŵr Cymru this morning to ask if the cause was related to a power cut and a pump failure – they have promised me answers as soon as possible.”

Leanne added: “The Rhondda has suddenly become flood prone. Despite promises from the council and other authorities about getting to the bottom of the problems, it keeps happening.

“This is why Plaid Cymru are pushing for an independent flood inquiry. There has to be an impartial eye to consider what has happened, why it keeps happening and to find solutions that will reduces the risks of flooding happening – not just now but also for the years to come when we are likely to see more extreme weather due to the climate crisis.”

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