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Rhyl Mayor starts dog walk along promenade to support RNLI

Councillor Diane King, Rhyl Town Mayor 2020-2021, has started the dog walk from the lifeboat station to the harbour and back, as part of her support of the charity during her time in office.

Organised to tight timescales during Covid regulations, the event started in the open air outside the boathouse, with the all-weather Shannon lifeboat ‘Anthony Kenneth Heard’ in the background.

Over 30 dogs took their owners for the walk in brilliant sunshine, and the Rhyl RNLI fundraisers also attended with stalls and doggy-goodies in abundance to also raise funds.

Councillor King welcomed everyone to the event and started the proceedings with Councillor Brian Blakeley leading the group as they set off for Rhyl harbour.

Luckily all the dogs were on their best behaviour, keeping their owners in line!

Mayor Diane King said ‘I am very happy to support Rhyl lifeboat station and other charities during my time in office and also during these difficult times’.

The pictures show the dogs and their owners outside the lifeboat station before the start of the walk, which hopefully will raise much-needed funds for the lifeboats.

Pics. RNLI/Paul Frost MBE

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