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THE calls continued to come in for Rhyl RNLI with an alert to two kayakers not far from the windfarms off Rhyl making it ten callouts in three days.

The pair had left Towyn on the afternoon on Tuesday 2nd June with the intention of going out to see the windfarm towers. They were not familiar with just how far the towers are from the shore (about two miles). Their target was achieved, even picking up an inflatable empty flamingo en route!.

However, the return journey against wind and tide proved difficult and they contacted HM Coastguard at Holyhead via mobile phone to get assistance.
The volunteer crews of Rhyl’s all-weather and inshore lifeboats launched at 10.50pm and proceeded to an area where the kayakers thought they were.

Unfortunately the battery on their mobile phone was low, so they were advised by the coastguard to just use the remaining battery to signal if the lifeboats got near.

Luckily, the search pattern given by the coastguard meant that the lifeboats proceeding to their start location, came across the kayakers and took them on board the all-weather lifeboat.

The casualties were taken back to Rhyl RNLI lifeboat, not requiring medical assistance, and were given hot drinks and snacks on the journey back to Rhyl.
The lifeboat arrived back at station to waiting local coastguards at 11.50pm.

Martin Jones, Rhyl lifeboat coxswain says ‘ The kayakers did the right thing in contacting the coastguard via 999. It is always sensible to make sure any mobile devices are fully charged. It is always advisable to carry some other means of calling for assistance, such as a radio and hand flares. Always be aware of tides and wind conditions before setting out. If in any doubt, contact HM coastguard for advice’.

Photos are copyright Paul Frost/ Rhyl RNLI.

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