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RNLI undertakes consultation with key stakeholders in Cardigan Bay

THE RNLI has begun a consultation process, engaging with groups and individuals who have an interest in the future lifesaving provision between Barmouth and Fishguard.

Throughout the process, the RNLI will collaborate closely with a range of stakeholders to identify factors which may impact the future of lifesaving in Cardigan Bay. The charity has already met with the key stakeholders, including The Ceredigion Lifeboat Campaign (CLC), and further meetings are agreed to ensure that a continued collaborative and open relationship is preserved.

The RNLI has made no decision on the future lifesaving configuration for Cardigan Bay and wants to focus on the varied communities’ thoughts and ideas. The RNLI has initiated contact with the identified stakeholders and has committed to reviewing comments and responding accordingly.


Iain Wright, Regional Project Lead for the RNLI, says:

‘We will use this period to listen carefully to those living in and working in Cardigan Bay and hear their thoughts, views and concerns. We identified a broad range of stakeholders and have established contact to offer them the opportunity to respond. All feedback will be considered and taken onboard during the process.’

A spokesperson for The Ceredigion Lifeboat Campaign, says:

‘The RNLI has commenced a consultation with stakeholders in Cardigan Bay to address the future of lifesaving assets between Barmouth and Fishguard. Stakeholder input will help shape a recommendation on the future configuration of lifeboats in Cardigan Bay. The Ceredigion Lifeboat Campaign is one of the stakeholders invited to take part and we will engage constructively with the consultation process.’

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